2016-05-09 One Man's Successes

JGS Toronto logoSpeaker: Israel Pikholz
June 5, 2016  
Temple Sinai, 250 Wilson Ave., 8:00 pm, doors open 7:30 pm

The hottest topic in genealogy in recent years has been genetics and many thousands of genealogists have ordered DNA tests.  Most though, do not have a clue as to what to do with the results.  The situation is more complicated among Jews, who have married "within the tribe" for hundreds of years, thus ensuring that everyone is related to everyone else, multiple times.M

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2016-05-25 Major Discoveries in the Quest to Find My Roots

JGS Toronto logoTemple Sinai, 250 Wilson Avenue, Toronto 8:00 pm  Doors open 7:30 pm

Hymie Reichstein,
President of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Ottawa, will cover some of the circumstances that led him to find major segments of his family both in North America and Eastern Europe. Each discovery will be illustrated with documents such as census records, photographs and letters and a description of the intriguing path to their discovery.


                                                         Genealogy on the Cutting Edge

Genealogists, historians, and researchers from across North America and around the world will meet in Toronto in June 2016 for three days of inspiring lectures, workshops, displays, and other learning opportunities, sponsored by the Ontario Genealogical Society .  This year's theme is the exciting and rapidly growing interest in genetics and how it is now playing an effective tool in conducting your family research.

JGS Toronto logoJGS Toronto has partnered with OGS to provide 3 speakers in a Jewish Stream. Our speakers include Lara Diamond, Israel Pickholtz and Daniel Horowitz. 
International notable Ce Ce Moore of Henry Louis Gates' FINDING YOUR ROOTS on PBS is one of several other featured speakers.  
Special rates apply to members of JGS Toronto. You can attend one day or all three days. Check out the OGS website for details.