CNN Series "Roots"

Starting Sunday October 12th  ( including a two-hour prime-time special on Monday October 12th9PM ET) CNN is hosting a journey for 13 of their hosts to find their roots. Called Roots Our Journeys Home—it takes their hosts across continents to find their roots.  Some of the times may be very early consider setting your DVR.  Check your local listings.  The names in parenthesis are the programs on which  the roots journey will air.  Beginning on October 10 there is a sneak peak  on

Sunday October 12  9PM ET  Anthony Bourdain—researches his third great grandfather a Paraguayan émigré .

Monday October 13 – Michaela Pereira  6AM ET (New Day) adoption journey in Canada and finds her ancestors in Jamaica.

Anderson Cooper  8PM ET (AC 360)   travels to Mississippi to study his father’s roots.

Tuesday October 14  Chris Cuomo  6 AM ET (New Day) goes back to Italy for his roots

Jake Tapper 4PM ET (The Lead) travels to Canada to find out why some members of family were Loyalists.

Erin Burnett 7 PM ET ( Erin Burnett OutFront) visits a remote Scottish Island.

Don Lemon 10 PM ET (CNN Tonight)  From Louisiana to West Africa to study the slave trade.

Wednesday October 15 Christine Romans 6AM ET (New Day) visits Denmark

Wolf Blitzer  5PM ET (Sit Room) visits Yad Vashem to discover what happened to his grandparents in Auschwitz.

Sanjay Gupta  8PM ET (AC 360) Visits Pakistan and India

Thursday October 16 Kate Bolduan 6 AM (New Day) visits ancestral country Belgium

Friday October 17  John Berman 6AM ( New Day) John Berman visits Amsterdam

Fareed Zakaria  8PM ETA (AC 360) uses DNA to see if his Indian father’s roots stories are true

Monday October 20  9PM  2 hour special hosted by Anderson Cooper and Michaela Periera.

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South Africa flagCanada flag wavingSouth Africa-Canada) South African Jewish Immigrants to Canada Subject of Legacy Project of Ontario Jewish Archives‏

The Canadian Jewish News reports about the Ontario (Canada) Jewish Archives (OJA) Blankenstein Family Heritage Centre, a department of UJA Federation of Greater Toronto, launching the “Southern African Legacy Project” this past spring. 

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U.S.A. - Ancestry Free Access To Records; Finding Your Roots‏ logo is offering free access to birth, marriage and death records - U.S .A. records-only through midnight ET October 6, 2014 (only US records resulted for the records search I tried before posting).  You will have to register with username and password to access the records. If you have previously registered you may use that user name and password.

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