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Shem Tov
is JGS Toronto's quarterly newsletter, filled with practical research techniques, book reviews, accounts of personal research experiences, and Society news and events.

The current issue is sent as a PDF to members as part of their annual membership donation. Current Issues are also made available online in PDF format to members. See the Membership page for details. After one year, current issues are moved to the Back Issues category where the general public may access them.

Back issues are now available to download in PDF format on this website.

Shem Tov Scanning and Indexing Project 2011

The objective of this project was to put all of the issues of Shem Tov on our website, to update the index and create a search feature to make it easier for users to access articles.

Karen Chisvin, Cindy Kliaman, Howard Patlik and Bette Shifman scanned the back issues which were uploaded to our website by Arthur Ryman.

Elaine Cheskes, Harvey Glasner, Cindy Kliaman, Arthur Ryman, Bette Shiffman, Shelley Stillman, Sara Tatelman and Henry Wellisch were the members of the indexing committee who contributed their time and expertise.

A special thank you to Sara Tatelman, student intern, who read all issues of Shem Tov and then created a spreadsheet with descriptive text for each article.

Arthur Ryman formatted this information to create the indexes.

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