2015 Board Members

President : Les Kelman
Vice President : Marla Waltman
Secretary : Adena Glasner
Treasure: Paul Teitelman
Immediate Past President: Harvey Glasner
President Emeritus: Henry Wellisch
Librarian: Elaine Cheskes
Membership Coordinator: Neil Richler
Mentoring: Valerie Fox
Shem Tov Editor: Judy Kasman
Website Coordinator: Shelley Stillman

2015 Coordinators and Volunteers

Audio Visual Technician: Kevin Hanit
Blog: Michael Kelemen
Cemetery Project Coordinator: Kevin Hanit
Facebook : Neil Richler
Family Finder Coordinator: Gert Rogers
Goodwill :
Inquiries: Carolynne Veffer
Member Outreach
Program Coordinator: Gella Rothstein
Publicity: Valerie Fox
Twitter: Marla Waltman
Website Administrator: Arthur Ryman
Welcome Desk: Ruth Chernia , Michael Keleman

2012 Volunteers and their Responsibilities

Audio Visual Technician: Kevin Hanit
Cemetery Project Coordinator: Allen Halberstadt
Donations to JGS Canada (Toronto): Paul Teitleman
Family Finder: Gert Rogers
Librarian: Elaine Cheskes
Membership Records: Neil Richler
Photography: Harvey Glasner
Program Committee:
Faye Blum (Chair), Linda Offman, Gella Rothstein, Lucy Sadowski
Reception: Michael Kelemen
Refreshments: Stephen Creed
Shem Tov Editor: Judy Kasman
Shem Tov Editor Emeritus:  Henry Wellisch
Technical Coordinator: Neil Richler
Telephone Squad: Nora Freund, Linda Offman, Gert Rogers
Webmaster: Shelley Stillman
Website Administrator: Arthur Ryman

Thanks to Volunteers of the Cemetery Photography Project

Volunteers 2010-2011: Faye Blum, Chaim Lax, Gord Magrill, Gella Rothstein, and Les Singer who did the photography and Robert Lubinski who did all of Dawes Road indexing.

Previous Volunteers:
Elaine Slavens took on the responsibility of coordinating the digital photography project from Shelley Stillman in 2008.

Members: Kevin Hanit, Allen Halberstadt, Harvey Glasner, Beverley Lokash, Gordon Magrill, Syd Moscoe, David Trost Community Members: Alex Edwards, Benjamin Glatt, Denise Hummel, Justin Hummel, Achim Krull, Myriam Levy, Robert Lubinski, Karen Perlmutter, Hazel Saint-Pierre, Elsa Skuy, K.S. Spencer, Sharon Vanderveen

Thanks to David Trost

David Trost has been actively involved as a Board member and has worked on a number of projects. He has coordinated, formatted and then submitted burial records to JOWBR on behalf of our cemetery and now digital photography project. David has always been available to provide not only technical support at meetings, but also to help members with the preparation of their PowerPoint presentations. He is also the project manager for our website make-over.

Thanks to Terri Rothman

We want to thank Terri Rothman, who was webmaster from 2001 to 2008, for the countless hours she spent working on the first JGS Toronto website. It was through her efforts that the website was first designed and then updated to provide members with timely information about upcoming programs and events.

Thanks to the Website Committee

The JGS of Canada (Toronto) New Website Project began in Nov 2007 with David Trost as project leader and Neil Richler, Arthur Ryman and Shelley Stillman as committee members.

The objective of this project was to update the JGS Toronto website to accommodate Society requirements for access to additional information, to give members access to specific information, to display immediate feedback following meetings, and to enhance the general website layout.

The Website Committee held several meetings and worked closely with website developers Brian and Rena Cugelman of AlterSpark e-Services.  Rena and Brian went above and beyond to bring this website to life.

Arthur Ryman has taken on the role of JGS Toronto webmaster.

Thank you to Elaine Cheskes for her contributions to the Resources section, to Harvey Glasner for his ongoing support, and to Judy Kasman for proofreading and editing website pages.

Computer Room, August 2002 at the IAJGS Conference in Toronto


Header photographs - Ontario Jewish Archives

Tootsie Goldberg, 1917. Ontario Jewish Archives, Fonds 7, item 9.
Kosher Delicatessen on Spadina Avenue, 1930. Ontario Jewish Archives, photo #1173.
David Greenberg’s Bar Mitzvah, 1935. Ontario Jewish Archives, Fonds 7, item 37.
YWHA senior basketball team, city champs, 1958. Ontario Jewish Archives, Fonds 61, series 2-2, item 30.
Minnie Birenbaum and Morris Wolfe wedding party, 1928. Ontario Jewish Archives, photo #1721.

All photographs have a sepia tint laid over them. Photographs may not be copied or reproduced; they must be purchased from the Ontario Jewish Archives.