Professor Paul Robert Magocsi

Paul Robert Magocsi is Holder of the Chair of Ukrainian Studies at the University of Toronto, since 1980 a professor of history and political science also at the University of Toronto, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada since 1996. He is also President of the World Congress of Rusyns and author of nearly 700 publications on Ukraine and Central Europe. Professor Magocsi completed his undergraduate studies at Rutgers University in 1966, and was awarded a Ph.D. from Princeton University in 1972. He then went to Harvard University, where he was a member of the Society of Fellows between 1973 and 1976.

Selected books and publications: 

Galicia: A Historical Survey and Bibliographic Guide (University of Toronto Press, 1983). 
The Shaping of a National Identity: Subcarpathian Rus’, 1848-1948 ( Harvard University Press, 1978). 
A History of Ukraine ( University of Toronto Press, 1996) 
The Roots of Ukrainian Nationalism: Galicia As Ukraine's Piedmont(University of Toronto Press, 2002). 
Encyclopedia of Rusyn History and Culture, Second Revised Edition (University of Toronto Press, 2002) 
Historical Atlas of Central Europe, Second Revised Edition (University of Toronto Press, 2002). 
An Illustrated Historical of Ukraine (University of Toronto Press, 2007).