United Kingdom - RAF Museum to Digitize World War I Records

Thousands of World War 1 records will be digitized and put on the web with a new project at the Royal Air Force (RAF) Museum in Hendron, England.  The project entails digitizing over 300,000 records from the RAF and its parent organization, the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) and Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) between 1914-1918. When completed one will be able to search by name and download the records from the website.

Of interest are the "casualty cards" which were made out in the event of death, injury and illness. The "cards" have been available for review on site since the 1970s--digitizing them makes it much easier for many to access the information. The data release is scheduled to coincide with the new permanent exhibition for the centenary of the outbreak of  WWI in 2014.

Read more about the pending digitization.   Visit the RAF museum's website.

Jan Meisels Allen, IAJGS Vice President